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About Financial IQ

“Pray like it all depends on God, but work like it all depends on you.” - Dave Ramsey

Financial IQ envisions communities in which all people have the proper access, usage, availability of financial products and services at an affordable price. Financial inclusion for all individuals in the economy can build and grow financial stability. However, many times individuals do not realize they’ve been financially excluded, therefore, Financial IQ opportunity, resources and support to grow and develop their potential -- and then use their gifts, talents, skills, ideas and abilities in contribution to building thriving communities that work for everyone. However, many times, high-quality personal development progams are also high-cost -- and out of reach from the very people who would benefit most.


As a for-profit organization, Financial IQ works to provide financial education around the psychological factors that influence our thoughts and behavior around money. Taking it a step further from the “how to’s”, Financial IQ and its teams uses their experience and education to improve the financial IQ of all individuals. 


Get to Know the Q Behind Financial IQ


Passionate about helping you understand the psychological factors that are influencing your thoughts and behavior about money.


MaQueba Massey also known as “Q” has over 5 years of experience in financial education, financial literacy, and financial inclusion sectors to her role as the Founder & CEO of Financial IQ, a for-profit business dedicated to helping normalizing discussions of finances and helping individuals to grow comfortable and confident with discussing financial topics.


Over the past 2 years, she has studied financial inclusion in her doctoral studies. She is also a certified financial coach for The United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Lead Financial Coach for MPowHer Incorporated, a 501(c)3 MaQueba founded.


Prior to founding Financial IQ, MaQueba was an internal auditor at Deloitte and a Staff Account at Invent Communities. Q has been recognized, collaborated, and trained with and by notable entrepreneurs, founders, and organizations such as Operation Hope, United Way, Kim Anthony, and The Financial Aid Strategist, Angela Howze.


For more information about Q, download her eBook located here.


Team Members


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