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FIQ is currently a remotely operated business with our team usually working from the safety of our homes. Operations have remained the same, despite the changes our society is seeing due to COVID-19's spread. We have taken additional safety precautions individually and as a company to support our global and national community including: 

  1. Staying home as much as possible. 
  2. Practicing health measures inside the home. 
  3. Practicing social distancing while on the street. 



The only thing that may affect our current business of operations would be the heavy mail traffic by USPS as people are shipping products now more than ever. In addition to heavy traffic the reduction of mail sorting machines and package drop offs due to the current administration changes in the USPS mailing system. Shipments may be delayed by 3-4 days. We are still shipping every day to ensure you receive your products as quickly as possible. 

We can also ensure that your packages have a very low risk of passing on the virus to you, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). We do suggest that any item you enter into your home is properly disposed of, if no longer needed, and that you wash your hands immediately just to be safe. Low risk is still risk. 

We encourage all customers to stay on top of their delivery notifications to be aware of when mail people drop off their packages. With social distancing procedures set in place, they may be dropping off in irregular locations outside your home. Remember to track your package via the tracking number we provide in your shipping confirmation email. 



We want to show support for our community and provide good vibes with whatever we do so stay tuned on our social media channels and newsletter for a flow of good news, laughter, and positivity. 

For any questions, please ask on our Intercom system (the green dot in the corner of your browser window while on our site). We will answer directly through there or provide an email response within 24 hours. 

The FIQ Team 


Update: This page was published September 1. We will be maintaining updates as we see affect our company specifically.