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FiQuestions financial flashcard game is designed to help you discuss a serious topic in a light manner. This game can be played in multiple ways and it is completely up to you on how you spice it up. You will need at least two players. While most question’s answers are subjective, it is best to play with someone who has a base-level understanding of finances. To give you some ideas on ways to play, see below:

  • GENERAL: Each person asks a question and the other players must answer it. If someone cannot answer the question, they must defer the question to someone else to save them or pass.  If you defer the question to your life line, you lose 1 point. If you pass, you lose 2 points. 
    • You can add a twist: Rather than losing in points, you can lose in shots, fitness challenges, or tell some secrets. 
  • SPEED: Have you ever played speed? Whoever hits the buzzer first, gets to ask the other player any question from the card they’d like. This person must answer the question. 
  • SCAVENGER:This one is going to get sticky. Yes, you’ll have to find something, but what is exactly is up to the players. If you have secrets to hide, I suggest you clean out your closet. You never know what they may tell you to find… because your phone is not off limits!!!!