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Ace Beorchia 

Doctoral Candidate 

“Talking about finances can be hard, but Financial IQ normalizes the conversation. This game opens the door to important conversations and financial learning opportunities. On top of this, the quality and service were fantastic. Absolutely zero complaints!”


Tamara Mills 

Elementary Teacher

"The financial literacy workshop i attend helped me in various ways playing these cards. It was informative on hearing different ways others saved money. I didn’t realize all the different ways to build credit and tactics to help me pay off student loans. More workshops with the card game are needed for interactive learning!"


Breonna Dear


"This card game was informative for me. The game taught me about budgeting. Everyone was comfortable sharing what they do and I’ve found that to be extremely hard to come."

Kasey Woo


"This was very insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion points."


Jimmy Vu

Insurance Agent

"The FiQuestions card game are great to play with my clients. Every topic I discuss with them the card game covers, so it’s a great ice breaker. The clients answer the question and I provide them with ways to think differently about how they are planning their financial future. I highly recommend this game"

Lauren Piskorski


 "This card deck allowed me to learn more about myself, as well as others, by means of open financial discussions. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to learn more about financing and budgeting."