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Alex the ATM

Bank Machine for Real Money for Kids with Debit Card, Bill Feeder, Coin Recognition, Savings Tracker, Balance Calculator, and Money Safe
Kid-friendly ATM simulation that works with real money. Alex the ATM can:
1. Calculate money deposited and withdrawals.
2. Keep track of savings goals.
3. Set an alarm, and 
4. Set your own PIN. Using a 4 digit code to access the ATM, The ATM comes with your own personalized debit card.

What the ATM can do:
  • Savings Goal Setting-- You can set a targeted savings goal up to $9,999.99. The ATM knows how much money is left to meet targeted goal. This is an interesting educational way to enlighten your kids with financial management concepts and track their savings.
  • Automatic Bill Scroll - once you press DEPOSIT, bills can scroll into the safe.  The keyboard is used to update your deposited or withdrawn amount on the account.
  • Automatically Identify Coins - The coin slot can read each coin and display what the coins have been deposited and count into your balance. This help to track the balance intelligently.
  • PIN Code Reset - PIN code makes your 'property' more secured,you can easily change your code to another one,If you forget your password, press the RESET button or remove the batteries to restart, and the code will return to original 0000.